From Environmental Working Group:

"The human race is now polluted with hundreds of industrial chemicals with little or no understanding of the consequences. Babies are born pre-polluted with as many as 300 industrial chemicals in their bodies when they enter the world. Testing by Environmental Working Group has identified 455 chemicals in people, and again, no one has any idea if these exposures are safe."

Join one of the most important environmental campaigns in history. Help the EWG win this battle in the war against toxic chemicals. The Kid Safe Chemicals Act would fix this problem by:

  • Requiring companies to prove that their chemicals are safe for infants and children before products to on the market
  • Making all health and safety data public
  • Banning chemicals when manufacturers do not provide safety studies
  • Promoting green, safer chemicals in consumer products
Do you get it? It seems to me that global warming isn't going to matter -- our species won't be able to reproduce in a few generations. Visit EWG and see what you think.


linda said...

Any chance you could start blogging again?

Really love what you've done.

Self-righteous said...

I appreciate your interest. Unfortunately I've become discouraged. It seems like people just cannot take these ideas seriously -- even here in uberconscious Portland, OR, the home of organic sidewalks. I'm sorry, I guess I'm being sarcastic. But isn't sarcasm the new black.

I might consider starting a new blog: Clean Doesn't have a Smell!

What do you think?

linda said...

So sorry you've become discouraged... I know how that is.

But, I think that there is finally a window of opportunity, people have heard a lot of things in the mainstream media the past year or 2, which makes them more receptive to what we say.

Love the new idea!

People need to be reminded of that, and be taught how to care about what they do (and to care about the long term effects of what they do)! They need to know what to do instead of the same old same old.

Then we'll have more people asking for safe non toxic things like clothing and cleaning stuff... imagine that!

Please do come out to play again!

humane said...

I'm really encouraged by this site, especially after the birth of a child in my family who lives in a home where all the shower gels, hairsprays, perfumes, detergents, air-fresheners, and cleaning products are chemical-laden (and to me just stink up the house). This tiny baby girl came into the world with several birth defects, which included a cleft-palate, irregular heartbeat, enlarged heart, and hearing loss. With only research and suggestive evidence, I blame the chemicals in the parents' home and the mother's constant exposure to them each day when showering and doing her hair. I'd like to have seen the results of an umbilical cord test in this case.

These industries are dependent on horrific and cruel animal-testing: Puppies, dogs, rabbits, kittens, cats, rats, mice... are force-fed detergents, drain cleaners that fuse their throats closed and chemically burn their insides; they are forced to endure skin-burning agents poured on them; they are cut open while alive to "see" how the results affect the tissue. I'm vehemently opposed to animals being tested to "prove" that things can harm us. What the hell happened to plain old SOAP made from natural vegetable oils and why isn't it good enough??? WE could save BILLIONS if we stopped this terrible cycle!

I'm also not a big fan of having chemicals forced up my nose when I walk behind someone soaked in chemical scents, or of smelling people's detergents and fabric softeners as I walk through my neighborhood. Makes my head hurt.

The WORST part is that the hospital sends new moms home with chemically-laden detergents, fabric softeners, and baby soaps and shampoos, saying they're SAFE! When I tried to introduce safer cleaning products into the mother's home, she was highly offended and I was labeled the offender. :-( What an idiot I was for trying to help. I can only hope she finds the truth someday, and I can only hope it won't take a tumor to wake her stupid ass up.

Thanks for listening...

Self-righteous said...

Linda, I agree that perhaps the mainstream media is paying a bit more attention to these issues. It's a start, right? I feel encouraged as well enraged: why isn't there more attention?!

So. I certainly haven't run out of things to say.

Humane, Thanks for telling your story. I'm so sorry for your family's having to deal with this. Yes, 1,000s of innocent animals suffer and die for the "beauty" industry (as well as other enterprises, of course). We're left to ponder the imponderable: how can human beings do these atrocious things to other living creatures and other human beings?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, please do come out and play again! I don't think you realize how GOOD your blog is. Please please try try again! Your voice is important and we all would love to hear more.

One really easy way to get some comment love is to start leaving comment love for others on blogs you like. Your topic would be of interest to all kinds of green mommie blogs and others. I know you could attract a following.

Anonymous said...

I want to let people know that the Environmental Working Group promotes animal testing. I was very surprised and I think most people do not know this. You can search for "PETA" and "Environmental Working Group" and I think you'll find the info. I emailed EWG and they responded by saying there are so many chemicals that need to be tested on animals to ensure they're safe for the environment. I no longer support them.