Think Before You Stink

It turns out that a woman named Carrie has explained very clearly what the problem is, what you can do about it, and why it matters.  Here's a little bit from her home page:

In today’s society, the amount of hazardous chemicals used in common household products, beauty products, construction, and other industries is astounding. Many people go about their daily lives not paying much attention to which products they use and what’s in the air they’re breathing. I used to be one of these people. I didn’t think much of the unpronounceable ingredients in my soap, perfume, dryer sheets, or even my food. I didn’t think they were really harming me. Later in life, as I developed Chemical Sensitivities, I began to make the connection between what I put on and in my body, what I was exposed to, and how I felt.
 I encourage you to read her site -- yes, all of it -- and to pass this link along to everyone you know.  Let her know that her work is appreciated and being disseminated.

And, while we're at it, have you visited Not So Sexy:  Hidden Chemicals in Perfume and Cologne lately.  Definitely you should stop by and add to your education.


Woodduck said...

Thanks for getting the word out. There aren't many people I can be around anymore due to my chemical sensitivities.

Woodduck said...

Oh, where's the Carrie, link?

Self-righteous said...

Hi Woodduck,
Good to see you again.
If you'll click on "home page" in the first paragraph, that'll take you to Think Before you Stink.

Demetrius said...

Thanks for this link. I am trying to build up various data to help make the case on MCS. See www.stinkingplanet.blogspot.com if you are interested. My view is that there could be a major health crisis impending.