1. Inform yourself.
  2. Visit SkinDeep and research the products you use.
  3. Sign SkinDeep's petition to Congress to force the testing and labeling issues.
  4. Refuse to purchase personal care products or household products that have toxic ingredients.
  5. Write to the manufacturer of your favorite personal care products -- maybe they'll listen if they get enough letters.
  6. Tell others.
  7. If you're in a position of authority, designate "Scent-free zones" at work or school.
  8. Support companies that are not using toxic petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances in their products. Some possibilities (I did a quick check on a few products in the SkinDeep database before listing these companies): Fragrance Free Body Products, Aubrey Organics, Terressentials


Jeff said...

Good on you for speaking up on this. People aren't aware of the effects they create on others by using - and overusing - some of this stuff.


Self-righteous said...

Thanks Jeff. Yes, it's true, people do not realize that the perfume they're wearing goes so far beyond their own sphere. And many people believe that fragrance is just another part of their daily outfit. Brainwashing is so prevalent in our society. We want to be celebrities, but the closest we can get is to use their fragrance products.