I suppose it's like any issue you start looking into: there's an unbelievable amount of information and most of it points to greed and brainwashing and a complete lack of concern for the well-being of others. No kidding, every time I do just a tiny bit of research, I'm overcome with a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. But getting discouraged is not going to help and I really want to try to wake people up. These are huge companies with lots to lose if people stop buying and using perfumes and personal/household products with fragrances in them. Can you imagine shopping for scent-free or fragrance-free products for everything you use? Actually, as I've sifted through loads of data, I've come across many companies that have responded to the growing concern about toxic ingredients in scented personal products. This is good. There are others out there who care and there's data on the web you can use to make informed decisions.

My idea is to supply you with data and with links to data. You can learn about what is harmful in these products. Don't take my word for it. And don't assume that just because you can purchase it, it's safe. That's definitely not true.


Lauri said...

I have used the skin deep web site for a few years and think it is great. Be sure to bookmark the Environment Working group site too!

Self-righteous said...

Thanks, I've included a link in the "What can I do?" post. Yes, they're excellent.